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Pune Cantonment Board


ZHEP REMEDIAL LEARNING CENTRE (The centre for Differently-Able Children with Learning Disability)

This centre was inaugurated on 20th March, 2012 .The following types of Disabilities attended in the centre : -

Learning Disabilities ( i.e. neuro-biological disorders) : Types of LD
1)Dyslexia :Oral and written language Difficulty with listening, speaking, reading and writing
2)Dyscalculia: Mathematic Difficulty in calculating, problems
3)Dysgraphia :Writing Illegible handwriting, spatial difficulty
4)Dyspraxia: Body coordination Problems with muscle control.

At present No of Children : 144

Facilities:- (all the facilities and remedial teaching is provided here is free of cost)
1) The Pune cantonment board supplies all the educational facilities and materials including toys, books, stationary, C.Ds and things which are required in the centre.
2) Lunch is also provided to these children.
3) Two Buses
4) Computer lab.

Therapies given to the Children:
1. Art & Music Therapy,
2. Speech Therapy
3. Physiotherapy
4. Psychotherapy
5. Clay therapy

Achievements in Four years :-
1. In these four years Zhep is well-known to other institutes and the cases of LD are being referred to Zhep by the reputed private schools, hospitals like K.E.M. hospital Pune, Command Hospital, Pune.
2. Zhep have won the 'Raksha Mantri's Award' for Excellence in the field of Centre for Differently Abled Children for the year -2015.

Recent Activities:
1. Formal IQ test are being conducted to identify disabilities among children and the recommended children will be admitted in Zhep for the year 2016-17 All Rights Reserved