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Updated as on : 16-Mar-2016
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Pune Cantonment has been established in the year 1817 for accommodation of military troops. Thereafter fresh troops, regiments, batallions including cavalry gradually settled in Pune Cantonment . In 1819, the limits of Pune Cantonment were fixed. With lapse of time, large number of civilians had come to reside in Cantonments. They were in fact encouraged to do so in order to provide amenities to Officers, soldiers and retainers of the Army / Military Stations. Besides, accommodation were needed for Military Officers, and the Civilians invested their Capital in building Bungalows and Houses. In 1822, the area further expanded to include other areas. The boundaries of Pune Cantonment were finally settled in the year 1827. The policy of the Military authorities was to preserve the Cantonment Area purely for the residence of their Officers and Camp followers. In the year 1836 various regulations and orders dealing with Land Use were consolidated in general order of the GOVERNOR GENERAL OF INDIA in counsel No.179 dated 12the September,1836. .. Read More

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